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“EQ in a Box”©

Research shows that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) counts for up to 80{30b6a3f6cd7cd50c224e6d598cecff3daaebcfad3c0f48ea35930446b21c33a6} of your child’s success in life. “EQ” is what will ultimately make your child Happier, deal better with stress, manage change and cope with conflict. EQ helps your child to learn better. EQ ultimately enables your child to be more successful in their lives.

We now know that IQ is just the “threshold factor” – the thing that gets your child through the door (of a good school or a good college) BUT EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the thing that will keep him/her there!!!
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Critical Thinking Keys

There are many definitions to critical thinking. That’s to be expected. Critical thinking encompasses much of what we do when using our brains.

Words like: reasoning, interpreting, observation and more are used to describe critical thinking. Phrases are also used. Some examples are: rational thinking, focused thinking, cognitive process, reflective thought and informed opinions. Other phrases such as: analyzing and evaluating information to derive a judgment are also used.
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College Admission Essay writing toolkit offering advice, tips, pointers, tools and downloadable templates for writing all types of college admission essays and personal statements: undergraduate, graduate, MBA, law, and medicine.

"Instant College Admission Essay Kit (Revised Edition) is a low-cost solution to the high cost of developing application essays and personal statements for admission to college and university programs: Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, Law, and Medicine. This unique essay writing toolkit is packed full of advice, tips, pointers, and "hands-on" tools designed to fast-track the essay development and writing process. It includes 49 full-length real-life essay templates (MS-Word) that can be downloaded into your word processing program. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative or supplement to the expensive essay preparation services, this Kit is definitely worth checking out."

Make sure you bookmark this page! If you have decided you want to spend more of your time looking around online, don’t forget to bookmark this page. You may want to come back here once you realize that you WILL NOT find another place where you can instantly download 49 professionally written, full length, fully formatted admission essays that you can quickly and easily modify and adapt to fit your own situation. Including, a comprehensive manual and style guide on how to plan, develop, and write ALL types of admission essays and personal statements.

Faster Times Tables – Tame the Times Tables Beast

Learning the times tables is incredibly hard for some children.  Finding fun ways to make it easier to practice this essential skill can help.  These top ten parent recommended resources, (not in any specific order), could be just what your child needs to fi…

Learning the times tables can be tricky these days since many kids need to be actively engaged in order to learn. Teachers and parents are always looking for innovative and unique methods to help students with the multiplication fact since these key facts set …
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Coloring Pages – Colouring Books – Quality Animal Colouring Pages

What inspired Guy Colwell to start doing colouring pages a couple of years ago was a child in his life who loved to colour. He thought most of the colouring books available were either very commercial cartoons or, worse, showed extremely poor artistic merit. He therefore wanted to do a few pages that would be well drawn, educational and a little more challenging than what he’d been seeing.

Colwell drew on his love of nature and knowledge of zoology to do some pictures of the animals he considered amazing. Some of the inspiration came from direct observation of wild animals in nature and from work in zoos as a docent. Colwell had done many wilderness hiking trips, even one 3000 mile trek across the U.S., journeys around Europe with a backpack and several visits to Northern and Southern Africa. Not a few of these animals he studied and sketched in the wild.
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Teach ESL Live

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This 38-page comprehensive eBook will give you all the information you need to start your own Online Teaching Business or to find employment with an existing company teaching English as a Foreign Language on the Internet. If you are a retired teacher wanting to supplement your income, a stay-at-home parent with a few hours a week you want to use productively, or anyone who wants to earn extra money by spending a few pleasant hours or more a week helping foreign language students learn English, then this guide is for you. Please check the Table of Contents for a complete list of the covered topics. Online tutors can earn between $8.00 and $30.00 an hour without leaving the comfort of their home.
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#1 GMAT Course Online – Discount Purchase Page – Sign Up Now

This comprehensive full-length GMAT prep course combines the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided at-home study program with the structure and live instruction of a traditional classroom course. Our detailed syllabus will guide you step-by-step through the math, verbal, and essay portions of the GMAT, as well as provide you with copious practice problems, full-length practice tests, textbook review, and online whiteboard sessions with your instructor. We cover all the bases and help you improve in all aspects of the GMAT through this #1 GMAT course online, guaranteed.

Do you have a few “math cobwebs” left over from high school that you need to dust off to get the GMAT score you need? If you’re like most of our students, the answer is a resounding yes! This quantitative-only GMAT course online covers all of the most relevant content and test-taking strategies for the GMAT math (quantitative) section of the GMAT. You will learn the necessary math as well as tricks and shortcuts for solving arithmetic, algebra, and geometry problems in the two main GMAT quantitative question types: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.
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Speed Reading Secrets (Official Site)

It’s true. I was actually afraid I was going to wash out of flight school because of my poor reading skills.

My luck turned when one of my ground school instructors, a World War II fighter pilot named Conrad Strickland, suggested I try a “twist” on reading he had heard about.
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Clickbank – Med School Admission Secrets

…You are in for a long, frustrating, anxiety-ridden, journey through the application process unless…

You have a guide that shows you every step of the process, in sequence, with exactly what to do each step of the way and with all the choices and strategies available to you.
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