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Teaching Resources & Self Help Guides: Improve my life

The journal is one way to improve your life by documenting your personal and professional developments along with your accomplishments.  Transform your ideas into action! Reflect on your strengths and the next steps to a path forward.

20 Activities to get you started on the road to success. We’ll introduce the concepts that will help you connect with ideas and internalize them.
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Study Smart, Not Hard – An informative and functional guide to achieving perfect grades

Did you know that a few bad grades on your transcript could tarnish your entire academic reputation? In college, grades mean everything. If you are a struggling student, then Study Smart, Not Hard is a book you can’t afford to pass up. The clock is ticking and every second you spend stressing over your academic performance is time that you can spend taking action to turn your grades around.

Hi, my name is Jeff Weston and I am a graduate student majoring in psychology. I was accepted into graduate school with a FULL scholarship. My undergraduate GPA was 3.8. Had it not been for my first semester, my undergraduate GPA would have been perfect. I was a struggling student at one point. The first part of my freshman year was not easy. I dreaded taking exams and did horrible in most of my classes. Every time I looked at my grades, I felt pathetic. I used to get so jealous of my roommate who eased through exams and had perfect grades.
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And SMS marketing statistics show that text messages are opened within 15 minutes of being sent, and that 97{30b6a3f6cd7cd50c224e6d598cecff3daaebcfad3c0f48ea35930446b21c33a6} of messages get read.

I have developed a simple Course to teach business owners, just like you, exactly step-by-step how to do it.
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Your Path To Financial Freedom
Your Path To Finanacial Freedom
April 2013
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How to Make Serious Money