As amended at the AGM – The Ranch Hotel and Conference, 7 September 2001

  1. NAME

The name of the society shall be: The Southern African Society for Education (SASE) herein referred to as the Society.

  1. AIMS

 The aims of the society shall be the following:

2.1       The promotion of the scientific study of Education;

2.2       The stimulation of scientific research in the field of Education through the identification of problems and issues confronting education in Southern Africa and the analysis of various strategies and solutions to those problems through co-operation and collaboration;

2.3       The establishment of scientific publications in the field of Education;

2.4       The sharing of information, research findings, theories and ideas for the advancement of education in each region;

2.5       The recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of education and of special services rendered to the Society


3.1       Membership is open to the following persons (regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or disability):

3.2       Persons in educational institutions who are committed to the educational development in the region;

3.3       Persons whose involvement in education justifies membership of the Society in the opinion of the Regional Executive in the Region in which they apply;

3.4       Honorary members

3.5       Privileges of members: All publications of the Society shall be available at special rates to members.  Non–members will be required to pay the full rates for any publications.

3.6       Selection of honorary members:

3.6.1    Honorary membership shall be conferred on a person who, in the opinion of the Executive, has rendered outstanding service to the society.

3.6.2    An honorary member shall be exempted from membership fees, shall enjoy all the
privileges of ordinary members, and shall receive a certificate of honorary membership at a General Meeting.


4.1       Membership fees shall be payable annually to the Regional Treasurer at a rate determined annually at a national or regional General Meeting depending on the circumstances prevailing in a particular Region. Regions retain the full membership fee.

4.2       The National treasurer shall make provision for administrative and secretarial services by including a reasonable sum in the registration fee for the annual conference of the Society. The amount shall be sufficient to cover the expenses that will be incurred in organising the next annual conference.


5.1       Composition of the executive

The Executive shall consist of the following:

5.1.1    A national President elected for a period of three years;

5.1.2    A national Vice-President elected for a period of three years;

5.1.3    A national Secretary-General/Treasurer elected for a period of three years;

5.1.4    An Deputy Secretary-General/Treasurer, if needed, elected for a period of three years

5.1.5    A Managing Editor elected for a period of three years.

5.2       Organising committee

5.2.1    The national President, Vice-President, and/or Secretary Genarl/Treasurer shall serve as ex-officio members on the Organising committee requested to do so by the host region.

5.2.2    The region hosting the conference shall elect an Organising committee. The
regional organiser shall supervise the elections and/or appointments.

5.2.3    The organising Committee shall have the power to take decisions in respect of
local arrangements for the national General Meeting and Conference.

5.2.4    The Organising Committee should preferably not exceed ten persons in number

5.3       The election of the Executive Committee

5.3.1    Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at a national General Meeting from among the members of the Society present at such a meeting and from among members who may be absent, but who have made it known in writing that they are willing to stand for election, the order of the election being that set out in 5.1.

5.3.2    The election of a regional organiser shall also be taken as the decisions of the
region hosting the following national conference and General Meeting, and the remaining members of the Organising Committee shall be chosen from the same region.

5.4       Procedures

5.4.1    The executive shall have the power to fill a vacancy by co-option. A person thus co-opted shall remain in his/her post until the next national General Meeting.

5.4.2    A member who is absent from more than two consecutive meetings without apology shall automatically lose his/her membership of the executive.

5.4.3    One half of the total membership shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the executive.

5.4.4    Decisions of the executive shall be made by simple majority, with the chairperson/president having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

5.4.5    Every paid-up member shall have a vote at the national General Meeting and a vote at
Regional Meetings in his/her home Region, in respect of every matter on which a vote is taken.

5.4.6    The chairperson/president shall have an ordinary vote and a casting vote, but he/she may also rule that when there is a tie in a vote concerning a person the decision may be taken by casting votes.

5.4.7    Voting shall be by show of hands unless a member requests a ballot, in which case the
vote shall be taken by ballot.

5.4.8    A member shall be regarded as elected if he/she obtains a simple majority of the votes
of the members present.


6.1       A Regional Organiser shall be appointed by each region and such names presented at the national Annual General Meeting.

6.2       The geographical boundaries of the regions shall be determined by the SASE executive and approved at a national Annual General Meeting.

6.3       The Regional Organiser shall call a Regional General Meeting at which a Regional Executive shall be elected.

6.4       The Regional Executive shall consist of the following members:

6.4.1    A Regional Chairperson;

6.4.2    A Regional Vice-Chairperson

6.4.3    A Regional Secretary/Treasurer;

6.4.4    A Regional Deputy Secretary/Ttreasurer

6.4.5    The Regional Organiser

6.4.6    Two other members

6.5       The Regional Executive shall:

6.5.1    Collect membership fees and maintain a list of members;

6.5.2    Distribute copies of publications to paid-up members;

6.5.3    Organise such workshops, meetings, seminars as are requested by members of the Region;

6.5.4    Assist with travel and bookings of Regional members that wish to attend the national Annual Conference;

6.5.5    Keep proper financial records and membership lists to be presented to the SASE
Executive when required, as well as at the Annual General Meeting.


 7.1       Method of fundraising:

The Society shall raise funds by way of membership fees, collections, donations, sale of publications, applications to publication funds and any other source approved by the Executive.

7.2       Control

7.2.1    All cheques and monies received shall be paid into a bank account and cheques shall
be drawn by the National Secretary-General/Treasurer and/or by request of the national
President or Vice-President.

7.2.2    The Secretary-General/Treasurer shall keep account of all monetary transactions and his/her books shall be audited annually by a competent person thus nominated by the Executive.

7.2.3    The Secretary-General/Treasurer shall make his/her books available to the person thus
nominated by the Executive.

7.2.4    The Secretary-General/Treasurer shall give a written and audited financial report to the
national Annual General Meeting.

7.2.5    Should the Secretary-General/Treasurer be incapacitated for any reason then the Deputy
Secretary-General/Treasurer will have signing power to draw cheques as needed and to manage the finances of the society.

7.3       Financial year

The financial year shall extend from one national Annual General Meeting to the next.


8.1       A national Annual General Meeting and Conference shall be arranged by the Regional Executive of the Host Region in consultation with the National Secretary-General/Treasurer and/or Organising Committee.

8.2       Regional meetings and conferences shall be held in each Region whenever suitable.

8.3       Notice of the national Conference and the Annual General Meeting shall be given at least months in advance.


The National President and the Regional Chairpersons shall submit reports of their activities of the previous year at the Annual General Meeting to host the annual Conference.

  • The conference shall be held annually in one of the Regions on a rotational or invitational basis, decided at the national Annual General Meeting, which will normally be held during conference.
  • Regions are free to extend invitations to the Annual General Meeting to host the annual Conference.
  • Invitations from other organisations/associations to hold joint conferences may also be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.


The national Executive shall have the authority make an honorary award to a person who has made an outstanding scientific contribution to education.


The constitution may be amended at a legally constituted national General Meeting. The notice of such amendment should reach the members at least fourteen days before such a meeting. Amendments may be effected only when and if supported by two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the meeting.  The same procedure shall be followed for rescinding or altering decisions passed at a previous General Meeting.


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